To all my current students,

As I've discussed with most of you, I've just been offered a full-time job with Yousician, the company that makes GuitarBots. I'm really excited about the opportunity, but unfortunately it means I won't be able to continue my normal teaching schedule. I'm so grateful to everyone for all your support over so many years, and I'm very sorry to have to change our lessons!

The good news is that part of my job will be providing free lessons on a less regular schedule, typically every 3-4 weeks. During these lessons I'd be able to give you access to the latest features of GuitarBots (and the upcoming app Yousician), which are designed to improve practicing at home, help maintain motivation and focus, and allow teachers to monitor progress and set goals for their students.

So, I honestly believe that these lessons would be very valuable and helpful for most people, especially intermediate and advanced players. However, if you'd rather do regular weekly lessons I've got a great teacher lined up and ready to see anyone who is keen - he also teaches with GuitarBots, so it would be a very smooth transition. Or, you could do both - go to a new teacher and see me for occasional free lessons as well.

I'd love to know which option is best for each of you, so if you could fill in the following form for me that would be great, and I'll get back to you asap.

-- James :-)

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